elearning CPS230 Operational Risk Overview

This online (desktop, web based) elearning course is about the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority's Prudential Standard Operational Risk (CPS230). This course is designed to provide an introductory overview to all levels of expertise, introducing the new standard and the key changes.

Join our online (desktop) course today and have access for 12 months (including updates) to boost your knowledge of the upcoming prudential standard.
  • All Employees

    Director, Executive, Leaders, all levels of business
  • Desktop Web Based

    Delivery through web browser on any desktop platform
  • elearning Module

    Online elearning risk management module 
  • Prudential Standards

    Covering the Australian Prudential standards

What's included?

  • 4 Chapters
  • 2 Self-Assessments
  • 1 Final Assessment
  • 4 Videos

Grow as a leader

You will learn how to understand operational risk management to support your leadership journey in making strategic and operational decisons.

Expand your risk knowledge

You will also learn about the Australian Prudential Regulation for operational risk; for current or future roles in financial services.
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